Our goal is to contribute to international businesses by connecting Kyushu with Asia and the world.

Looking back over the past 20 years amidst chaotic global events, Japan's GDP growth rate has remained almost flat. On the other hand, the world average increased by 360%, and the growth rate of Asian countries (excluding Japan) by a whopping 1120%. As a gateway to the ever-growing Asia, Kyushu's role is very important with a need to attract the vitality of Asia. In addition, Japan is facing a serious shortage of manpower. It has already caused a problem of businesses continuity issue. Under these circumstances, we founded Glocal Partners Inc. with the slogan of "Connecting Kyushu to the World." Based on the Japanese and international network of Glocal Vision Inc. founded in 2012, Glocal Partners is our newly established company with experienced professionals. ‘Glocal’ is the coined word with the meaning of connecting "global" and "local" as well as networking the partners in Japan and around the world. As in the movie Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, we hope to contribute to the development of your international business through the synergy effects with our Japanese and international partners.

Representative Director

Ikuya Yoshimura


Worked in the international field for a total of 16 years, including in the Security Bureau of the National Police Agency, the Embassy of Japan in Iraq (as Second Secretary), the Embassy of Japan in Greece (as First Secretary and Consul), and the Cabinet Secretariat. Mainly involved in international cooperation, international counter-terrorism, and protection of Japanese nationals overseas. Served as Chief of Kumamoto Higashi Police Station, Director of the Community Safety Department, and Director of the Security Department from 2006 before retiring in 2012. Established Glocal Vision in April of the same year while conducting survey studies and providing advice on crisis management, international strategy, tourism strategy, etc. as a Kumamoto Prefectural Policy Advisor and Special Advisor for International Strategy until March 2017. Also appears on TV programs and workshops as an advisor on crisis management and overseas business.



We serve for your global business with our extensive experience, knowledge, and network.

By matching Japanese companies and local governments such as those in Kyushu with overseas companies and more, we serve as a bridge for global business between Japan and China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Led by our representative with extensive experiences in a wide range of fields such as crisis management, international strategy, and tourism strategy, we maximize our experience, knowledge, and network of each member to realize new business platforms.


  • Customized support to your needs
  • Reliable support for those with no overseas experience
  • Accelerate business progress through collaboration with partner companies and advisory groups




For your success with our various support

  • 中国・アジア事業投資仲介支援

    Asian business investment consulting support

    We support Japanese companies to expand their business into overseas especially in China and Vietnam
  • 観光戦略支援(インバウンド)

    Tourism strategy
    support (inbound)

    Increasing foreign tourists We support
    to stimulate the local economy
  • 海外展開支援

    Overseas business strategy
    planning support

    We support your business expansions,
    including opening new sales channels 
  • 事業化プロジェクトマネジメント支援

    Project management

    We support your new strategy planning
    for new product development or new
    business development
  • 危機管理対応支援

    Crisis management
    support for
    overseas expansion

    Professional support for overseas crisis
  • 海外人材の確保と定着支援

    Support for recruiting and maintaining global human resources

    Support for recruiting and maintaining
    global human resources for overseas
    and domestic business


Company Profile

Company Name GLOCAL VISION Inc.
Representative Director Ikuya Yoshimura
Director Maki Ideta
Established Date Apr.17th, 2012
Our Service Overseas business strategy planning support
Global human resources recruiting support
Inbound tourism strategy support
Crisis management support
International Trade service


Anseimachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto 860-0801 JAPAN


  • 株式会社グローカル・ビジョン ロゴ
  • 株式会社グローカル・ビジョン 内観
  • 株式会社グローカル・ビジョン


PROFESSIONALOur professional team at your service

  • Director

    Maki Ideta

    Planning / Public Relations

    Worked for famous apparel brand as an assistant to CEO. Director of GLOCAL VISION Inc. Have 6 years of experience in middle east and Greece. Certified Olive Oil Sommelier.

    出田 麻希
  • Advisor

    Junkei Lin

    International business

    Served as managing director in Bishodo International (HK) Co.,Ltd. Conducted investment / management business in various field in Hong Kong and mainland China such as property, department store, hotel, textile and logistics.

    林 順慶
  • Advisor

    Mariko Komeno

    Planning / Branding

    Consulting to various Sake brewery, hotel, restaurant and local government. Also hosting various Food and Beverage related seminar and event. Director of Japan Sommelier Association, Senior Sommelier, Sake Diploma. Bordeaux International Educator, Cheese Professional, Associate Professor in Urasenke etc.

    米野 真理子


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